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Sound Clip
The Troubled Man
by Henning Mankell
Read by Sean Barrett
Genre: Mystery
Media: Audiobook

Every morning Hakan von Enke takes a walk in the forest. However, one winter's day he fails to come home. It seems that the retired naval officer has vanished without trace. Detective Kurt Wallander is not officially involved but he has personal reasons for his interest in the case. A few months earlier, the old man seemed eager to talk about a mysterious incident from his past. Could this be connected to his disappearance? His search leads him down unexpected avenues and forces Kurt to look back over his own past, as he comes to the unsettling realisation that even those we love the most can remain strangers to us. And then an even darker cloud appears on the horizon...

ISBN - 9781445011448
Duration = 15 Hrs. 19 Mins.